BENNYAMIN GROUP consist of multiple concerns such as Voice of energy, voice of agriculture, second skin, food & beverages, & finance. Firm started in 1997 with a single door mechatronics service centre, and we did the same across Kerala with 80-170 staff. In 2005 we started voice of agriculture. In 2009 we introduced second skin. In 2016 we are in to food & beverages. 2005 onwards our head office works from our own property, from 2020 we bring all the units from north India to south India and now we have 11 individual production units across Kerala. BENNYAMIN GROUP holds all the respected license to manufacturing, trading, import & export. Step by step we realized, the basic & necessary needs & requirement of our new generation on trial & error basis so we took more attention on food & beverages in this division handles wide range of novel & monopoly, hygiene, non-toxic products for healthy living. We have more than 1001 variety products in 12 division. Some of them are in gestation. We will provide the new products as per society demand in the style of ready to eat, ready to cook raw, frozen, health drink, remedies, herbs, toxin free grocery, premium quality edible oil. Bakery, home care, personal care, malted fruits and functional food, all the products are in premium quality and international standards. In 2021 BENNYAMIN GROUP has now become BENNYAMIN INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD. The company holds many brands like PADAVANS CURRYBLEND, PADAVANS Food & Beverages, LUCY’S FROZEN FRESH Ready to cook & Ready to Eat, COCOSOP Personal Care & Home care Products etc.



BENNYAMIN INTERNATIONAL is committed to supplying the consumers with the finest high quality, shelf-stable foods across India and globally. Moving fast on the path to fulfilling aspirations with a global approach, we also aim to deliver the best returns to the society, consumers, and our stakeholders.



·         To be the best and most innovative FMCG company in India, providing high quality products to the community.

·         To be at the forefront in delivering customer satisfaction through both integrity and innovation.

·         To have our team participate in the business realities that drive success and reward.

·         To contribute to the ongoing development of the Nation.





·         Honesty & Integrity - We will achieve our objectives through honesty, transparency and honouring our commitments to both customers and partners.

·         Quality - To provide our customers with high quality products and services with true value for their money.

·         Customer Satisfaction - To earn our customers' loyalty by maintaining a high level of satisfaction.

·         Partnership - To establish long lasting business partnerships with all our stakeholders.

·         People - To always support and develop our greatest asset, our employees.



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